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I’ve worked in healthcare leadership roles for 15 years and as well as being passionate about improving care for patients, I’m passionate about supporting people who deliver that care. I’ve seen and experienced so many of the challenges women (and by the term “women” I mean anyone who identifies as a woman) face in positions of leadership. I’ve also experienced that the support of colleagues, friends and inspirational coaches/mentors is so important in overcoming these challenges. I’ve been lucky enough to find these people by chance, but I’m aware that not everyone has that opportunity.


I decided to set up this network, with the support of some other awesome women leaders, to provide everyone with that cheerleading squad. The network is completely free and is genuinely there to be a source of help and support for women (and their allies) across the healthcare sector.

Please please let me have any feedback on how to make the network better and I hope you enjoy!

Lucy x

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