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What is the Network?

The network is a community where women can come together and share experiences, support each other and create change. The aim of this network is to create relationships between a diverse range of women across all healthcare spaces, who all experience similar challenges, and who otherwise may never have met.

Can you join us?
Yes! You’re welcome to the network if you identify as a woman (or an ally) and you work in any area of healthcare (charity, private, consultancy, carers, local government, NHS…)


Why should you join?

By joining our community, you will grow in confidence, expand your connections and give your professional or personal development a boost. Empowering ourselves and others can only promote and encourage gender equity in the healthcare workspace a good thing for everyone!

Women in healthcare leadership positions are diverse and represent all levels of seniority. This network should be a space where women feel free and safe to talk about their experiences and seek support regardless of their position or background.

When you join, you'll be able to access some practical support tools:

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